Bivalve Shellfish Purification Systems: Operating Manuals

While operators are at liberty to develop their own systems for purifying bivalves, it is likely that such 'DIY' systems will require much more testing before they are able to be successfully challenge tested by the licensing authorities.

To support the shellfish sector Seafish provide guidance on developing and operating five standard designs for purification systems, with additional guidance for developing and operating non-standard systems.

Originally developed in the 1990's, these highly regarded manuals have recently been reviewed and the technical and legal information updated in March 2018 to reflect current best practice and legislation developments.

The standard system models described in these Seafish manuals have been extensively tested and used by industry and are a proven technology. There are a number of UK suppliers of the equipment needed to install these systems. Seafish does not approve system installations; this is carried out by a Local Authority.

All six manuals are listed below and are downloadable as PDFs.

Visit the Seafish Seafood Training Academy for further information on training to employers and employees involved in the harvesting, purification, handling and trading of bivalve shellfish.