Trade & Tariff Tool in Tableau

The Trade and Tariff Tool in Tableau (T4) to gives businesses easy access to UK seafood trade and tariff data for the first time.

We have developed T4 as a user friendly and interactive tool giving access to historical trade data from 2010 to 2018 and current UK tariff data.

Built using business intelligence and analytics software Tableau, T4 contains seafood trade data for human consumption only and is based on HMRC data.

The data includes weight, value and country by year and can be displayed year by year, making comparisons easy and allowing businesses to identify trends and opportunities.


The tool is based on HMRC data and EUMOFA methodology. If you can't find a particular species of interest in the Tool classification, please consult EUMOFA methodology and definition of species and species groups. 2018 data set is preliminary as of March 2019 and will be updated when final data becomes available.


If you would like to provide feedback on the tool – or experience any unusual results or errors – please contact