Export guides for international seafood markets

Our seafood markets introduction reports, or export guides, have been produced with support from the Department for International Trade.
Image of the front cover of the Japan Export Guide. It shows a map of Japan and a photo of a fishing rope.

Seafood caught and farmed in the UK is highly sought after across the world. Our Export Guides are a valuable business support tool for seafood companies in the UK.

The guides provide information on the export and trading landscape in the most important overseas markets for seafood. This includes a general overview of the economy plus detailed information on:

  • Trade environments and business culture;
  • Supply structure;
  • Retail and food service industries;
  • Regulations and tariffs,
  • Certification and registration requirement
  • Labelling requirements.

Guides to seafood markets outside the EU

This guide was updated in 2021. 

These guides were updated in 2019.

These guides were produced between 2013 and 2014.

Guides to seafood markets in the EU

These guides were produced between 2012 and 2015.

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