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There are a number of key reports that have monitored and documented human rights issues in the seafood sector.

Many of the technical agencies; the international organisations with a direct or indirect mandate on this subject (and sometimes with field projects addressing the concerns); the various NGOs; the seafood industry and companies at national and international levels; and different government agencies (including foreign affairs, labour and social affairs, the environment and fisheries, and criminal justice agencies) have produced reports on this issue.  Some may be considered generic or awareness raising documents. Others are clearly designed as campaigning documents, often containing specific and quite detailed recommendations to governments, the seafood industry and other stakeholders. There are links to key individual reports below, as well as links to other records on TESS where there are a number of reports. Particularly there are a number of reports published by FishWise, The Environmental Justice Foundation and the Issara Institute. Also look at the record for press reports on TESS.

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