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  • Retail and seafood in 2020 and beyond

    The webinar will highlight the latest retail and seafood trends, identifying key opportunities as we enter 2021.
  • Animal by-product disposal

    The disposal of animal by-products is controlled by legislation which other forms of waste are not affected by.
  • Fishy Filaments: Turning end-of-life nets into a raw material for 3D-printing

    Fishy Filaments recycles end-of-life fishing nets into engineering grade filaments for 3D-printing. From its base in Cornwall, the company aims to help make the local fishery more sustainable through minimising waste and more efficient net recycling, as well as creating an innovative solution to reducing the use of virgin materials in 3D-printed products.
  • Reopening Your Fish and Chip Shop

    This page includes guidance for fish and chip businesses across the UK reopening during Covid-19 restrictions.
  • Separator panels

    A separator panel is a horizontal panel of netting fitted in a trawl to divide the trawl into two sections one above the other.
  • I export seafood from Great Britain

    Information and guidance on exporting seafood from the UK to the EU from 1 January 2021 including labelling, customs and tariffs and documentation.
  • Gill Nets

    A gill net is a single wall of netting anchored on the seabed to catch fish that swim into it.
  • Why we can keep eating fish

    In response to recent media coverage, Seafish's Operations Director Aoife Martin explains why it's absolutely fine to eat responsibly harvested seafood.
  • Fishing Gear Glossary

    A glossary of equipment and technology.
  • Tangle Nets

    A gill net design where the netting is hung onto the ropes to create a greater amount of slack netting
  • Tips and Advice

    Hundreds of fish and chip fans told us they love fish and chips because it is tasty and convenient, but they also want more choice and information.
  • Marine Environment News in Brief - December 2020

    Our monthly marine environment news update for December 2020