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  • Careers and Training in Aquaculture

    People who work in the UK aquaculture sector, breed, rear and harvest various fish and shellfish species for consumption and commercial sale.
  • Careers in Foodservice

    The foodservice sector offers a clear and rewarding career path for individuals passionate about high-quality seafood and customer service. The foodservice sector, which includes both takeaway fish and chip shops and seafood restaurants. At Seafish, we offer support, advice and guidance for any and all individuals seeking careers in the seafood industry, from beginners to experienced professionals.
  • Careers in Retail & fishmongering

    Careers in seafood retail will appeal to individuals looking to learn a traditional trade which involves a great deal of knowledge and skill. With over fifty species of fish and shellfish in the UK market, fishmongering is a highly specialised trade.
  • Careers in Processing

    The processing sector transforms the fresh fish and shellfish produced by fishermen and fish. The range of careers available includes technical managers, supervisory roles, food technologists, operatives, team leaders, filleters, quality assurance roles, engineers etc.
  • Fishing Career Paths

    This page explains the variety of roles needed on a fishing vessel in order to keep operations running smoothly.
  • Deckhands

    Deckhands are an integral part of any fishing crew. A career as a deckhand is ideal for beginners looking to work in the heart of the industry.
  • Skippers

    As first and second in command respectively, skippers and mates are responsible for managing the safe operations of a fishing vessel and its crew.
  • Engineers

    A career in engineering onboard a fishing vessel offers a fantastic opportunity to learn a technical trade in a thrilling and exciting environment.
  • Career case studies

    Five case studies of careers in seafood.
  • Meet the Northern Ireland Women in Seafood

    Northern Ireland has a varied seafood industry often seen as male-dominated, but women play a key role through a range of jobs.
  • Seagoing training and certificates

    We coordinate safety and skills training courses, learning resources and certificates for workers on fishing vessels in the UK. Find a course today.
  • Fishing Vessel Stability Awareness training

    Learn about the principles of fishing vessel stability, what causes instability and how to fix it. Book a course today.