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  • Pots and Traps - Lobster

    The D shaped creel with two entrances is the favoured trap by many lobster fishermen.
  • Pots and Traps - Whelks

    Plastic drums with a netting entrance set on the seabed for targeting whelks.
  • PS - Purse Seine

    A purse seine is a large net used to surround a shoal of pelagic fish.
  • Wreck Nets

    Wreck nets are types of gill or trammel nets that have been rigged to shoot over wrecks or areas of hard ground on the seabed.
  • Twin Rig Trawl - Sole twin rig

    A method used by smaller vessels to target Dover sole which involves towing two small trawl side by side.
  • Twin Rig Trawl - Nephrops

    A method of towing two otter trawls side by side to target nephrops
  • Twin Rig Trawl - Mixed species twin rig

    Fishing method using two trawls side by side to target a mix of bottom living species and demersal round fish
  • Trolling

    Fishing method where boat tows a line or lines with hooks and natural bait or an artificial lure to target fish in upper layers of the water column
  • Trammel Nets

    Fishing nets are similar to a gill net but are made up of three layers of netting
  • Tangle Nets

    A gill net design where the netting is hung onto the ropes to create a greater amount of slack netting
  • Stake Net

    A net with a long vertical wall of netting held up by a line of strong wooden poles sticking up wards from the beach
  • Small Line

    A fishing method is similar to longline fishing but adapted to suit the smaller inshore vessels.