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  • Beach Seine

    A net shot by hand or from a small boat in a circular shape and drawn ashore by hand from both ends, which targets fish living close to the shoreline.
  • Beam Trawl - Chain Mat Gear

    This beam trawl is similar to other beam trawls in that it is held open by a steel bar with shoes on each end.
  • Beam Trawl - Open gear

    The beam trawl - open gear is designed to stimulate the fish out of the mud and over the footrope of the trawl.
  • Beam Trawl - Shrimp beam trawl

    The beam trawl used to target brown shrimp is much lighter than that use to target flat fish in the North Sea.
  • North Atlantic Pelagic Advocacy Group

    The North Atlantic Pelagic Advocacy (NAPA) Group aims to improve pelagic fisheries management. Find out who is involved and the latest news.
  • Shellfish Industry Advisory Group

    The Shellfish Industry Advisory Group (SIAG) provides a forum to discuss sustainability and management of UK shellfish fisheries.