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  • Choosing a site

    Selecting a suitable site is crucial to the success of any aquaculture business.
  • Bivalve shellfish purification

    Information and guidance on building and operating bivalve shellfish purification systems.
  • Principles of responsible aquaculture

    There are some general principles that apply to any aquaculture farm or site and the work that is done there.
  • Managing end of life fishing gear and aquaculture equipment

    Fishing gear or aquaculture equipment lost in our oceans creates a challenging problem. We’re working with industry and government to find solutions.
  • Brixham Trawl Makers: Working locally to make fishing gear more sustainable

    Brixham Trawl Makers manufacture 90% of all beam trawls used by the port’s fishing vessels. Owner, founder and director Darren Edwards (known as Edd) is working with the local fishing industry to make fishing gear more sustainable.
  • Fishy Filaments: Turning end-of-life nets into a raw material for 3D-printing

    Fishy Filaments recycles end-of-life fishing nets into engineering grade filaments for 3D-printing. From its base in Cornwall, the company aims to help make the local fishery more sustainable through minimising waste and more efficient net recycling, as well as creating an innovative solution to reducing the use of virgin materials in 3D-printed products.
  • Fishing For Litter: Partnering with the fishing industry to clean up our seas

    KIMO International's Fishing For Litter project aims to reduce marine litter by working with the commercial fishing industry. Participating fishing vessels are provided with large bags to collect litter floating on the ocean surface or dragged up in their nets. The bags are unloaded when the vessels come into port and collected regularly, enabling the contents to be recycled or appropriately managed via energy-from-waste incineration or landfill.
  • Odyssey Innovation: Developing a circular solution to give recycled gear a new life

    Odyssey Innovation was born out of owner Rob Thompson’s passion to rid the seas of plastic pollution. The company works with a range of stakeholders in South West England to find a circular solution to end-of-life and recovered abandoned, lost or otherwise discarded fishing gear. It arranges for material to be collected and processed so that recycled plastic can used to create a range of kayaks and accessories.
  • Plastix: Providing a unique solution to a complicated problem

    Plastix is a Danish recycling company which aims to provide more sustainable solutions for cleaner environments and oceans. It specialises in converting fibres - primarily from used fishnets and ropes - that could previously have ended up in the ocean or on landfill into high-grade raw materials which can be used to create new products.
  • Aquafil’s ECONYL® yarn: Taking nylon from high water to high fashion

    ECONYL® regenerated nylon is created from nylon waste that could otherwise have ended up in landfill or oceans around the world. This repurposed material is the same quality as brand new nylon and can be recycled and remoulded again and again, unleashing infinite possibilities for manufacturers and consumers.
  • Responsible Fishing Scheme (RFS)

    The Responsible Fishing Scheme (RFS) has been replaced by the Responsible Fishing Vessel Standard (RFVS). Find out more.
  • Transition to GSA

    The RFS has moved to Global Seafood Assurances (GSA) to help provide assurance to the global seafood supply chain.