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  • Demersal Trawl - Nephrops trawl

    A low demersal trawl towed on the seabed, with the mouth held open by a pair of otter boards (trawl doors) designed to target nephrops.
  • Demersal Trawl - Nephrops hopper trawl

    A nephrops trawl towed on the seabed, with the mouth held open by a pair of otter boards (trawl doors).
  • Demersal Trawl - General

    A demersal trawl is a cone shaped net that is towed on the seabed to target demersal fish species.
  • Beam Trawl - Sumwing

    In this fishing method of beam trawling, the beam is replaced with 'wing' style of beam without any beam shoes at the ends.
  • Beam Trawl - Shrimp beam trawl

    The beam trawl used to target brown shrimp is much lighter than that use to target flat fish in the North Sea.
  • Beam Trawl - Open gear

    This is a Beam trawl that is rigged to target flat fish on soft sand and muddy sea beds.  
  • Beam Trawl - Chain Mat Gear

    This beam trawl is similar to other beam trawls in that its held open by a steel bar with shoes on each end.
  • Bag net

    A bag net has a long vertical wall of netting, often several hundred metres long, running at right angles to the shoreline.
  • SDN - Anchor Seine

    A net shot in the open sea using very long ropes to lay out the net and ropes on the seabed prior to hauling from a boat at anchor.
  • Drift Nets

    This type of gill net is suspended in the water, usually just below the surface, but can be worked anywhere to target pelagic species.
  • Fyke Net

    A fyke net is a type of fish trap.
  • Gill Nets

    A gill net is a single wall of netting anchored on the seabed to catch fish that swim into it.