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  • Pelagic Pair Trawl

    This fishing method is where one trawl towed in mid-water between two vessel to target pelagic fish.
  • Pelagic Trawl

    In this fishing method one trawl, designed to catch pelagic fish is towed in mid-water by one vessel.
  • Pole and Line

    This is a basic rod and line fishery using barbless hooks and live bait.
  • Pots and Traps - Brown Crab

    Two main shapes of trap are used to target brown crabs.
  • Pots and Trap - Nephrops

    Nephrops creels or prawn creels as they are generally called, are of the basic D creel design but lighter than that of a lobster or crab pot.
  • Pots and Traps - Cuttlefish

    Cuttlefish traps are usually larger than most other traps but of lightweight construction.
  • Pots and Traps - Velvet Crab

    Traps or creels, used for velvet crab are similar to those used for lobster.
  • Pots and Traps - General

    Pots and traps are generally rigid structures into which fish or shellfish are guided through funnels that make entry easy but escape difficult.
  • Pots and Traps - Lobster

    The D shaped creel with two entrances is the favoured trap by many lobster fishermen.
  • Pots and Traps - Whelks

    Plastic drums with a netting entrance set on the seabed for targeting whelks.
  • PS - Purse Seine

    A purse seine is a large net used to surround a shoal of pelagic fish.
  • Wreck Nets

    Wreck nets are types of gill or trammel nets that have been rigged to shoot over wrecks or areas of hard ground on the seabed.