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  • UK Fishing Fleet Survey

    Make sure the fishing industry has the data it needs to thrive. Find out how you can take part in our annual survey of the UK fishing fleet.
  • Seafood processing data and insight

    We gather and analyse data on the seafood processing sector in the UK including financial performance and employment.
  • Seafood processing sector survey

    We collect information from seafood processing businesses in the UK each year. This page explains how businesses can take part in regular surveys.
  • Market supply data and insight

    We use HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) data to analyse what seafood species and products are imported from and exported to the UK.
  • Seafood trade and Brexit

    Most of the seafood caught in UK waters is exported and most of that export goes to the EU. We publish research and data on seafood trade in the EU.
  • Foodservice data and insight

    We gather and analyse data from the foodservice industry in the UK to find out the latest trends and insights on seafood eaten out of home.
  • Research and expert groups

    Seafish works with experts in seafood and beyond to coordinate groups that commission and undertake research to support the seafood industry.
  • UK Fisheries Economist Network (UKFEN)

    We founded UKFEN in early 2011 in order to promote professional exchange between fisheries economists and analysts.
  • Aquaculture research and insight

    The aquaculture industry in the UK is growing. We've published an economic analysis of the industry and also shared other interesting research.
  • Value and importance of aquaculture

    Aquaculture is the fastest growing food supply sector in the world and it helps us with food security.
  • Aquaculture production scales

    Aquaculture is a global industry, and farming now provides half of all our seafood.
  • Covid-19 impact on seafood industry

    Our review of how Covid-19 has affected the seafood industry in the UK.