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  • Escape Gaps

    Escape gaps are usually flat pieces of rigid plastic with a rectangular hole in that is fitted into pots and traps to release small shellfish
  • Fish Stimulation

    Fish stimulation being used as a selective device is still a relatively new concept. It is being trialled using a light, sound or electric pulses
  • F-Cap. (Faithlie Cod Avoidance Panel)

    The F-CAP was developed to release cod from a nephrops trawl.
  • Eliminator Trawl

    The eliminator trawl is a standard demersal trawl with very large diamond meshes in the wings and forward part of the trawl.
  • Coverless Trawls

    A coverless trawl has the top panel of the net cut back so that the headline and footrope are of similar length.
  • Cefas Net Grid

    The Cefas net grid is a selective device designed to separate nephrops from fish.
  • Gear Operation

    A complete change of fishing gear or the way the it's operated to change the catch composition and decrease the amount of fish to be discarded.
  • Gear Size

    Reducing the physical size of the whole gear or just part of the gear to reduce unwanted bycatch and be able to handle the gear more efficiently
  • Headline Height

    W trawl or static net where the gear has been redesigned to keep the headline (top of the net) low to prevent the capture of high swimming species.
  • Inclined Netting Grids

    An inclined grid is a panel of netting fitted inside a trawl and set at an angle.
  • Inclined Separator Panels

    An inclined separator panel separates the catch into the bottom living and the higher swimming species and directs them into two separate cod ends
  • Number of Dredges

    In some scallop dredge fisheries the number of dredges used is regulated to ensure fishing effort remains within manageable limits.