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  • Drift Nets

    This type of gill net is suspended in the water, usually just below the surface, but can be worked anywhere to target pelagic species.
  • Fyke Net

    A fyke net is a type of fish trap.
  • Gill Nets

    A gill net is a single wall of netting anchored on the seabed to catch fish that swim into it.
  • Hand lines

    Fishing using a rod or hand held lines as a commercial venture in a similar manner to recreation angling. 
  • Jigging

    Hooks attached to artificial lures are used to attract and capture fish.
  • Long line

    Long lining can be used to target both pelagic and demersal fish.
  • Multi Rig Trawl - Nephrops triple rig

    In this rig three trawls are towed side by side using four trawl warps.
  • Multi Rig Trawl - Sole triple rig

    This is a method used by smaller vessels to target Dover sole.
  • Multi Rig - Quad rig

    A method of towing four otter trawls side by side.
  • Out-rig Trawling

    Out rig trawling is a method of multi rig trawling where two small otter trawls with nets behind, are towed from the ends of outrigger derricks.
  • Pair Seine

    In this fishing method a net similar to a demersal trawl is towed by two boats simultaneously.
  • Pair Trawl

    In this fishing method a demersal trawl is towed by two boats simultaneously, one towing each side of the trawl.