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  • Seafood 2040 - History and Purpose

    History and purpose of Seafood 2040.
  • Seafood 2040 - Structure and Governance

    Seafood 2040 is a collaborative project that reaches across the English seafood industry.
  • Seafood Industry Leadership Group (SILG)

    Oversight and facilitation of the 25 recommendations are provided by the Seafood Industry Leadership Group (SILG), the Chair and the Project Manager.
  • Aquaculture Leadership Group

    The Aquaculture Leadership Group (ACG) will champion and govern the SF2040 recommendations that enhance the aquaculture sector.
  • Seafood 2040 - Research

    An all-sector road map of collaboration, innovation and best practice to ensure that the English seafood industry is thriving in the next 20 years.
  • English Aquaculture Strategy from Seafood 2040

    Seafood 2040 has published a strategy for the sustainable development of the aquaculture sector in England over the next 20 years.
  • Governance and performance

    Seafish is led by an Executive team and governed by a Board and three seafood industry sector panels. We publish annual accounts on our performance.
  • Seafish Board

    Details of the Seafish Board including biographies, minutes and register of interest.
  • Sector Panels

    We have three industry panels covering each sector of the seafood industry in the UK. The panels provide input and advice on the work we deliver.
  • Domestic and Export Sector Panel

    The Domestic and Export Sector Panel guides our work in catching, farming and processing seafood for consumption in the UK or for export.
  • Processing and Importers Sector Panel

    The Processing and Importers sector panel guides our work for importers of international seafood and processors of seafood products in the UK. 
  • Supply Chain and Consumer Sector Panel

    The Supply Chain Consumer sector panel guides our work on getting seafood to the consumer through distribution, foodservice and retail.