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  • Ropes & Gray consulting

    Ropes & Gray is a leading supply chain compliance and corporate social responsibility practice.
  • Safety Folder

    The Safety Folder is a service for the fishing industry to support safer fishing practices.
  • Sea Change program

    Thai Union’s Sea Change program is a corporate strategy designed to promote environmental and social sustainability within the company’s supply chains.
  • SeafarerHelp

    SeafarerHelp provides a free, confidential helpline for seafarers and their families around the world. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Seafish

    Seafish is supporting the seafood industry to achieve the ultimate goal of eliminating unethical practices from UK seafood supply chains.
  • Seafish briefing notes

    There are a number of Seafish briefing notes.
  • Seafish Guidance on writing a Modern Slavery Statement

    Seafish Guidance on writing a seafood-specific Modern Slavery Statement
  • Seafood Ethics Action (SEA) Alliance

    The Seafood Ethics Action Alliance provides a platform for businesses to work together to share information on emerging issues and agree solutions.
  • Seafood Ethics Common Language Group

    Seafish facilitates a Seafood Ethics Common Language Group to establish a common understanding of ethical issues and agree on future action.
  • Seafood Slavery Risk Tool (SSRT)

    The Seafood Slavery Risk Tool (SSRT) is a web-based risk-assessment tool.
  • Seafood Task Force

    A coalition who have come together to address issues surrounding labour and illegal fishing in seafood supply chains in the seas around Thailand.
  • Sedex Guidance on Operational Practice and Indicators of Forced Labour

    Guidance on how to spot the signs of actual, likely or possible cases of forced labour for both auditors and audit readers.