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  • Promoting seafood

    We’re working to positively influence consumer attitudes and perceptions about seafood. Find out about our consumer campaigns and how to get involved.
  • Health benefits of seafood

    We’ve collated information and resources on the health and nutritional benefits of seafood.
  • Resources to support consumer marketing

    We are in the process of wrapping up our Love Seafood initiative but we still have resources to support seafood businesses with consumer marketing
  • Fish and chip industry support

    In 2016, we published research in to the nutritional profile of takeaway fish and chip portions to help the industry improve customer experience.
  • Fish and chip research methodology

    The nutritional research involved testing samples from hundreds of shops and interviews with 1,500 consumers.
  • Fish and chip portion comparisons

    We have compared the portion size and prices of takeaway fish and chips across the UK to highlight the differences between consumer experiences.
  • Tips and Advice

    Hundreds of fish and chip fans told us they love fish and chips because it is tasty and convenient, but they also want more choice and information.
  • The National Fish & Chip Awards

    The National Fish & Chip Awards are moving to the National Federation of Fish Friers. Please contact them for information.
  • Promoting UK seafood internationally

    Seafood from the UK has a great story to tell to overseas buyers. We can help you promote your products through trade shows and marketing toolkits.