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  • Market Insight

    We provide data, trends, and insight relating to the UK seafood market. This content is for seafood businesses only and requires registration.
  • Register for market insight

    Use this form to request access to indepth seafood market reports on retail, foodservice and trade. Please note this is for seafood businesses only.
  • Current and future trends

    We help seafood businesses in the UK understand the trends and changes in the world which may affect them now or in the future.
  • Climate Change - Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    In recent times, concerns have been expressed in the media and in some NGO campaigns around issues such as food miles and wider Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions impacts. In addition, severe economic conditions and uncertainties in the energy sector have highlighted the need for greater efficiency in seafood supply chains.
  • Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation

    We produce climate change adaptation reports and keep a watching brief on how climate change impacts UK seafood businesses.
  • Food Security in UK Seafood

    Global food systems operate against the backdrop of a number of longer term developments such as climate change, ecological constraints, globalisation and human population changes (growth and tastes). Strategic challenges arise from these developments, including the ability to secure food, and with a growing population the importance of food security is increasing.
  • Seafood Horizons podcasts

    We've created a series of podcasts to explore the emerging developments and changes that could have a profound impact on the seafood industry.
  • Consumer research

    Knowing what influences consumers is the first step towards changing behaviour. We commission research into the attitudes to eating seafood.
  • Fishing data and insight

    We gather and analyse economic performance data about commercial fishing in the UK together with fleet numbers, landing figures and employment.
  • Quay Issues

    Seafish magazine exploring the challenges facing the fishing industry
  • Scottish Landings Data

    We produce regular updates on Scottish landing volumes of key commercial species on a monthly basis.
  • Seafood trade and Brexit

    Most of the seafood caught in UK waters is exported and most of that export goes to the EU. We publish research and data on seafood trade in the EU.