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  • Will a no deal Brexit mean the end of our beloved fish and chips? Of course not!

    Keeping up with Brexit is a full time job, particularly for our regulation team who are busy reading and interpreting everything that is happening. Our aim is to keep Seafish colleagues and the seafood industry up-to-date.
  • Why we can keep eating fish

    In response to recent media coverage, Seafish's Operations Director Aoife Martin explains why it's absolutely fine to eat responsibly harvested seafood.
  • A positive week for safety in the fishing industry

    As Maritime Safety Week draws to a close, Dr Lynn Gilmore, Head of International Trade & Regions at Seafish, explains why safety at sea is so important and shares some examples of the great work already being undertaken by the industry to improve fishermen’s safety at work.
  • Leading assurance across the UK seafood supply chain

    ‘Supply chain integrity’, ‘product assurance’ and ‘risk mitigation’ are common parlance in today’s food manufacturing sector, and the seafood industry is no different.
  • Safeguarding the fish of the future to protect the nation’s favourite dish

    Our Trade Marketing Manager Andy Gray answers questions about the sustainability of the essential ingredient in the nation’s favourite takeaway.
  • One million steps closer to a safer fishing industry

    Simon Potten, our Head of Safety and Training, shares an update on how recently announced funding will support fishermen's safety.
  • Time to shape a positive future for seafood

    Our CEO Marcus Coleman reflects on the need for the seafood industry to look forward and respond to changes as the 2019 UK Seafood Summit approaches.
  • Keeping seafood on the menu - a sustainability journey

    Earlier this month FoodChain magazine published an opinion piece from our Head of Responsible Sourcing Dr Stuart McLanaghan – here’s an excerpt from the article.
  • Demystifying fisheries assessment and management practices

    Bill Lart, Sustainability and Data Advisor within our Responsible Sourcing team, introduces Seafish’s new sustainable fisheries assessment and management guides.
  • Daring to make gear more efficient

    Mike Montgomerie looks back on over two decades working in gear technology.
  • What makes consumers tick when it comes to seafood?

    Head of Marketing Greg Smith shares insights from our State of the Nation consumer research project.
  • A tried and tested approach to innovation

    We have recently established a new group – the Seafish Expert Panel - to help our work to bridge the gap between the seafood industry and the research community. One of the priorities of this panel is to promote, support and drive innovation in the seafood industry. Mark Berry, the panel’s chair, blogs on how the Seafish Expert Panel will look to act as the catalyst to help the sector solve its enduring technical challenges.