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  • Towing speed

    In some situations a change in towing speed can dramatically change the composition of the catch.
  • T90 Cod-ends

    In this design the cod-end mesh is turned through 90 degrees into T90 configuration.
  • Square Mesh Panels

    The square mesh panel is one of the most common used and well known selective devices.
  • Square Mesh Cod-ends

    This is one of the most effective escape devices available for the release of small undersized round fish.
  • Sort X grid

    The Sort X grid was developed in Norway as a measure to reduce the numbers of small fish being caught when targeting cod in the Barents Sea.
  • Separator panels

    A separator panel is a horizontal panel of netting designed to divide the trawl into two sections one above the other.
  • Sep-Nep codend

    The Sep-Nep is an inclined panel of diamond netting to sieve the nephrops into the lower chamber and direct the fish into the upper chamber.
  • Ring Size

    The ring size of scallop dredges can be used as a selectivity measure to release scallops below a certain size.
  • 4 Panel Cod-end

    By constructing a 4 panel cod-end, it allows the cod-end to remain more open and increases the flow of water, allowing the fish more space to swim.
  • Acoustic deterrents

    An acoustic deterrent is a device that emits pulses of high frequency sound to deter cetaceans from approaching fishing gear.
  • Amity Net Grid

    The amity net grid is a selective device designed to separate nephrops from fish.
  • Benthos Release Panel

    A Benthos or Benthic release panel is a panel of larger diamond mesh or square mesh netting fitted into the lower panel of a trawl.