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  • Tilapia

    Tilapias are a group of warm-water fish species with the second largest share of global aquaculture production after carps.
  • Atlantic Halibut

    The Atlantic halibut is a large flatfish that can reach a weight of over 300kg in the wild.
  • Atlantic Salmon

    Atlantic salmon is one of the world’s most iconic farmed aquatic species.
  • European Sea Bass

    The European sea bass aquaculture industry has grown strongly since the early 1990s and represents one of the most important farmed species.
  • Gilthead Sea Bream

    The Gilthead sea bream aquaculture industry represents one of the most important farmed species in the Mediterranean.
  • Mussels

    Mussel farming extends across temperate and tropical regions in inshore environments, as well as in deeper, offshore waters.
  • Oysters

    Oyster farming extends across many countries of the world. The adaptability of oysters makes them a good aquaculture species.
  • Pangasius

    Pangasius are primarily cultured in high density ponds and the Mekong delta in Vietnam is at the centre of current production.
  • Rainbow Trout

    Rainbow trout was one of the first species whose life cycle was fully replicated under farmed conditions and can be farmed in a variety of systems.
  • Scallops

    Scallop production extends across the world in cold and warm water regions, with China dominating commercial production.
  • Tiger Prawn

    Tiger Prawns (widely known as "monodon") are native to the warm marine waters of Australia, South and SE Asia, and East Africa.
  • Turbot

    Turbot is a fast-growing flatfish found naturally in the Northeast Atlantic and the Mediterranean.