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    Guidelines for the Landing and Sale of Fishery Products

    Advice on how to maintain high standards of fish quality and food safety and on maximising value through efficient landing and sale operations. The guidelines cover buildings and other structures, equipment, operating practices and the management and control of operations from landing of fish, to its despatch from the market or place of landing. They apply to the landing of fresh fish, both demersal and pelagic. They do not cover shellfish, that will be the subject of separate guidelines. Whilst these guidelines contain helpful technical information some of the legislative content may now be out of date.
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    Appraisal of the opportunity for offshore aquaculture in UK waters

    This report provides an assessment of the potential for open ocean, offshore finfish aquaculture in UK waters using candidate species which would have similar growth and performance characteristics to Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) and Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) and with due reference to other potential species candidates.
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    Comparing Industry Sector Values, With a Case Study of Commercial Fishing and Recreational Sea Angling

    This report evaluates and recommends different economic analysis methods for comparing the value of industry sectors and informing policy questions about allocation of resources to achieve efficiency or fairness of distribution.