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    Review of polyphosphates as additives and testing methods for them in scallops and prawns

    Seafish commissioned Campden BRI to conduct a desk-based literature review to provide information on the use of polyphosphates in seafood products, notably scallops and prawns. This report provides background information on polyphosphates including what they are, their presence, composition, how they interact with the product, how they break down over time and naturally occurring levels. A review of testing methodologies is also included.
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    Fish content and QUID

    The fish content of fishery products is important to manage and monitor given that food manufactureres have legal obligations relating to the quantities of ingredients use din the manufacture or preparation of food. This factsheet provides an overview of fish content including; fish composition, testing analytical fish content, calculating analytical fish content, nitrogen factor, analytical indicators of low fish content products and QUID. It also provides practical advice to seafood buyers.