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    SR684 Case study: consumer messages concerning brown crab products in selected European market

    This case is an in-depth review of brown crab products as seen from a consumer perspective. The case is produced as a specific output of the wider Acrunet Activity 5 which seeks to understand the wider system of brown crab practices from production to consumption. Topics covered include ethics of production (animal welfare - clawing, harvesting, storage and slaughter); food safety (biotoxins and cadmium); labelling; and stocks .
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    Seafish Responsible Sourcing Guide - Crabs and lobsters

    This Responsible Sourcing Guide to crabs and lobsters contains information on sustainability issues, stock assessment, conservation measures and management worldwide for the individual stocks of this species updated to 2013. There is a short section on the product characteristics of the species. The information was obtained from scientific, industry and governmental sources and appropriate references are given.