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    Cod (2016 update) - Seafood Industry Factsheet

    Cod consumption in retail has been growing since 2013, as supply eases and prices soften. In 2015, cod total retail sales (excluding discounters) were worth £364m (+2.4%) at 44,887 tonnes (+3.6%), with an average price of £8.10 (-1.1%).
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    Seafood in Multiple Retail (2018)

    Total seafood - the sum of chilled, frozen and ambient seafood sectors, continues the long term pattern of price driven growth.. Salmon continues to dominate total seafood with a 33% value share of the top ten species, selling over twice the amount of cod, its nearest competitor. However, the shoppers long term love of salmon may be coming to an end, as salmon volume fell over both the long and short term. Shoppers are instead choosing other farmed species such as warm water prawns, basa, seabass and sea bream. Traditional species have also recently begun to regain popularity with shoppers: with cod, haddock, cold water prawns and ‘mixed seafood’ returning to volume growth.
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    Seafish Delivery Report 2015-16

    Delivery Report for 2015-16
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    Minutes of the eighth meeting of the Seafish Domestic and Export Sector Panel

    Minutes of the eighth meeting of the Seafish Domestic and Export Sector Panel. Held at The Wesley Hotel, 81-103 Euston Street, London on Monday 19 October 2015.
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    English Aquaculture Strategy - full report

    Part of the Seafood 2040 aquaculture strategy for England - this full report includes a review of the English aquaculture landscape and current barriers to growth, along with the rationale and methodology behind the strategy.
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    Final CLG minutes for 29 June 2015 meeting

    Final minutes of the Common Language Group meeting held at Friends House, London on Monday 29 June 2015.