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    Fishers Training Funding Application Form

    Application form for an experienced commercial fishers to apply for funding to undertake voluntary training to refresh or develop their safety knowledge and skills.
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    Skilled Worker Visa Glossary

    Key technical and legal terms that relate to the Skilled Worker Visa. This supports the five Skilled Worker Visa guides on the website.
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    Introduction to the Skilled Worker Visa - explaining the fundamentals

    An overview of the sponsorship and recruitment process, the preparation you should take before you start the application process and the costs involved in sponsoring a person under a Skilled Worker Visa. Guide 1 of 5.
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    How to employ migrant workers under a Skilled Worker Visa

    Covers the process of sponsoring migrant workers via the Skilled Worker route, once your sponsor license has been approved. Guide 3 of 5.
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    Skilled Worker Visa: How to become a sponsor

    A step by step guide through the online application process. It explains how to make a successful application and what information, documents, and systems you will need to have in place before you apply. Guide 2 of 5.
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    Legal obligations for employers

    Guide 5 includes general information on your wider legal responsibilities as a seafood business employing migrant workers. These duties are in addition to your sponsorship responsibilities. Guide 5 of 5.
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    Employers ongoing responsibilities as a sponsor of Skilled Workers

    Information on the ongoing responsibilities for employers and how to comply with them. Guide 4 of 5.