Seagoing training certificates

There are a range of ID cards and certificates available to fishermen who have completed training.

New entrants photo ID card 

New entrants can apply for this card following the completion of the first four mandatory basic safety courses (Sea Survival, Fire Fighting, First Aid and Health & Safety).

Experienced fisherman’s photo ID card 

New entrants can apply for their Photo ID Card to be upgraded to an Experienced Fisherman Photo ID Card once they have completed Safety Awareness training and been working for two years.

Under 16.5m Skipper’s Certificate photo ID card (restricted and unrestricted) 

These cards can be obtained by experienced fishermen who have also completed additional training in Stability Awareness, GMDSS Radio Operation, Navigation/Bridge Watchkeeping and Engineering/Engine room Watchkeeping. A Restricted Certificate is valid for fishing up to 20 miles off-shore and an Unrestricted Certificate is valid for fishing beyond 20 miles.

These certificates are valid for five years, after which they must be revalidated.


Contact our Fishermen's Safety Training team on 0131 558 3331 or email