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Advanced Fish Smoking

This extended fish smoking course provides additional opportunities to practice the smoking of fish.

This course is delivered face to face to very small groups or even individuals. 

It usually consists of a two day basic course with additional practical sessions of up to three days. The additional practical days provide trainees with an opportunity to work unsupervised* and to produce their own choice of products using the equipment in the training centre and an AFOS Microkiln.

* The trainer is on hand to provide coaching support and to assist where needed, but the strength of this extended programme is that the trainee has to make their own decisions and apply their newly acquired knowledge in a simulated work environment.

Unfortunately, it is currently not available, however we hope to restart delivery as soon as possible. Please contact us for latest news on availability.

Brine strength should be measured before use and checked during a production run.

Key Features

  • The Basic Fish Smoking course (two days) is usually delivered at the start of this advanced programme, although other arrangements are possible.
  • Up to three more days of practical activity can be added to the basic course, to make up a full five day programme.
  • During the extended practical days the trainee(s) are expected to manage their own processes and operations, calling on the trainer when needed.
  • While waiting on the kilns there will be opportunities to study further.
  • Other qualifications may be achieved if trainees have studied the materials in advance and wish to sit exams. These could include;
    • Elementary Food Hygiene,
    • Health & Safety,
    • and even Intermediate Food Hygiene.
  • Additional or more in depth study of fish smoking using online resources and discussions with the trainer are possible.
  • On average, during an extended practical day the trainer will provide up to two hours of direct support/coaching.

Please note: face to face fish smoking courses are currently suspended.

Information about the course

This is an extended programme consisting of the Basic Fish Smoking course plus up to three days of additional practical activity.

Course content

  • The course provides a similar level of theory to the Basic Fish Smoking course. 
  • The course provides up to three additional days of practical activity during which the trainee(s) are able to manage their own processes and operations.
  • This is a flexible programme.

Course costs

Costs will depend upon the agreed makeup of the programme, the mix of fish required for the additional practical activities and any other extended studies or exams.

Seafish funding cannot be applied to this course.


Trainees who complete a full five day programme will be awarded an advanced qualification by Seafish.  Shorter programmes will attract an intermediate certificate. Any additional certificated programmes will be certificated separately as appropriate. 

Pre-requisites to study this course

There are no pre-requisites to study this course although a food hygiene qualification may be of help.

Book a place on the course

To book a place on the course, please email our Onshore Training team by following the link below.

Further information

For further information about the course, please email or contact Seafish approved trainer Ivan Jaines White