Fishmonger Apprenticeships in England

Independent fishmongers in northern England who wish to employ an apprentice should be now be able to find apprenticeship support from a provider.

Not all fishmonger apprenticeship providers are able or willing to support independent fishmongers in England.  Often they require an employer to have at least 10 apprentices active at any one time.  Following years of searching and many dead ends we are still searching for a  provider with the potential to support independent fishmongers throughout England.  

In the meantime, any fishmongers based in England interested in taking on an apprentice should contact the onshore team.

More content will be added to this webpage as it becomes available.

To Find out More

In the first instance please email to request a callback discussion on the fishmonger apprenticeship scheme.  During this discussion we will provide you with the initial information you need to judge how appropriate the apprenticeship standard and funding arrangements are for your apprenticeship requirements.

We will discuss some of the eligibility criteria for the apprenticeship (put simply does the business sell to the public, do you display fish and shellfish for retail sale), the funding support that is available, and what your next steps might be.

In the meantime, if you want to find out more about this programme then you can consult these online sources of information.

  • The Fishmonger Standard - a summary of what your apprentice will be expected to be able to do by the end of their (2 year) programme.
  • The Fishmonger assessment plan - a detailed list of the skills, knowledge and behaviours that contribute to the apprentice fishmonger's end point assessment.
  • MFS Recognised Fishmonger - having completed the fishmonger apprenticeship, your apprentice can apply to become a fishmonger recognised by the Worshipful Company of Fishmongers.

Key Facts

The fishmonger apprenticeship programme for England should take between 18 and 24 months to complete.

Funding is currently set at up to £12,000 per apprentice.  The employer will contribute 5% (£600) of this unless they have an apprenticeship levy pot to draw on.

The apprenticeship is available to existing and new employees in England, or all ages.  However there are some conditions on funding that may impact on your individual case.  Please speak to NLTG about this.