Fish and Shellfish Apprenticeships

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Fish and Shellfish Apprenticeship Funding

Are there apprenticeships for the seafood industry?

Yes, and not just for those handling fish and shellfish. Apprenticeships are available for almost all of the support job roles in the industry including administrators, engineers, book keepers, sales and marketing.

Fish and shellfish apprenticeships are available (with slight differences) in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

In England there's a fishmonger apprenticeship available.  Fish processors have access to food and drink process operator apprenticeships, and fish friers can undertake production cooking apprenticeships.

Am I too old or too young for an apprenticeship?

Funding and age conditions and restrictions may well apply depending on where you are based and the level of apprenticeship you wish to undertake. We are unable to advise on the variation in funding and if you are eligible.

Is there funding available?

Yes and no. It's complicated and depends on where you are, how old the apprentice is, what level they are undertaking. The only people who can answer that question for you are your potential apprenticeship provider. They will take into account the circumstances and advise you accordingly.

What is a fish and shellfish industry skills framework?

A fish and shellfish industry skills framework is a very flexible approach to apprenticeships.  The frameworks apply to apprenticeships in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.  In England there are three individual standards covering fishmongers, fish friers and (partially) fish processors. 

The frameworks elsewhere in the UK cover all of the onshore parts of the seafood industry at both levels 2 and 3 (operatives to managers).  Each of the two frameworks are made up of more than 100 individual units.  These building blocks are used to assemble a bespoke apprenticeship ideally suited for the apprentice and their employer.  As a single apprenticeship uses only 10-15 units, you can see there are almost endless possibilities to mix and match units to suit every individual circumstance.


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