Young Seafood Chef of the Year

The Young Seafood Chef of the Year competition is open to all full-time and college based modern apprentice chefs.

Launched in 1996 at the Grimsby Institute the competition provides young chefs with a platform to demonstrate their flair, understanding, skill and ability using seafood from sustainable sources.

Part of the UK Seafood Championship - teams of two young chefs are tasked with creating a three-course menu using specially selected seafood species. Thereafter regional heats take place across the UK where the chefs cook their dishes with the three highest scoring teams from each heat going on to compete at the Grand Final.

The prize for the winning team includes £500 for each team member, a Robot Coupe food processor and a £1,000 voucher for their college to spend on Russums catering equipment.

Competition Format and Rules:

Each team has to present three courses for six people using the required seafood species in each category - from starter, intermediate and main:


  • Entrants must be under 25 on enrolment to their course and studying toward either a full-time course or be a
    college based modern apprentices.
  • A total food cost of £15 per person is allowed using market values at the time of entry. All other items needed (including garnishes) must be calculated within the combined total budget of £90.
  • Each team will be given three hours to prepare and present their dishes.
  • Each team should produce six printed copies of their menu. Additional marks will be awarded by the judges for any educational and informative content provided in relation to the dishes, including allergen awareness.  Information on the
    candidates is also encouraged.
  • The seafood stated for each course is the species to use for the nominated course and cannot be used for any other course (excluding the fish bones or shells).
  • Any fish bones that are required (for stock etc.) are to be used from the waste of the species used.
  • Costing lists must be provided when entries are submitted, highlighting weights and costs of species which are being used.

Each team will prepare, cook and present each of their three dishes as follows: 

  • One finished plate to a panel of judges, for scoring and tasting.
  • One finished plate to be reserved for display (can be viewed by competing teams, judges and media at the end of the competition).
  • The remaining four finished plates to be served to invited guests to be eaten.
  • All dishes to be presented as if they were to be served in a restaurant.
  • Plates and flats for service should be brought to the competition together with six printed copies of the menu.

For more information about the competition - please visit the uk seafood championship website.

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Paul Robinson
Young Seafood Chef of the Year
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