Seafood Task Force

Seafood Task Force
A coalition who have come together to address issues surrounding labour and illegal fishing in seafood supply chains in the seas around Thailand.

The Seafood Task Force is a group of seafood processors, feed producers, buyers, retailers, government representatives and NGOs who have come together to address issues surrounding labour and illegal fishing in seafood supply chains currently focusing on the seas around Thailand.

The Task Force was formed in 2014 as the Shrimp Sustainable Supply Chain Task Force but the group has evolved and as membership has grown, equal emphasis is now being placed on tuna and other seafood products so the name has changed to reflect this broader scope. The focus is on Thailand and the Task Force has mapped the various supply chains of the buyers / processors within it, implemented track and trace systems to provide visibility, engaged with government and industry to upgrade codes of conduct and legislation as well as supported the formation of fishery improvement projects (FIPs).

The Task Force is industry-led, focussed on action and results to create outputs that will serve as replicable models for similar impact across the globe. It is adhering to fit-for-purpose governance. All commercial Members pay annual fees, NGOs and advisors don’t pay annual fees, but may make contributions to the Task Force on a case-by-case basis. The work is being delivered through eight Member Sub-Groups.

Significance for seafood businesses:

The Task Force is a unique multi-stakeholder alliance consisting of European and American retailers, their suppliers, NGOs and the major Thai shrimp processors and feed companies. Collaborative, industry-wide, pre-competitive initiatives can help to identify problems and share the cost of developing and implementing solutions. These provide opportunities to share knowledge and insight, learn from others, build your own knowledge, share best practice, and network with others in the same situation.

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