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Labor Rights Promotion Network (LPN)

Labor Rights Promotion Network (LPN)
The Labor Rights Promotion Network (LPN) advocate for equality, in the workplace and community, and assist migrants to integrate into Thai society.

The Labor Rights Promotion Network (LPN) is committed to protecting and improving the lives of migrant workers in Thailand. They advocate for equality, in the workplace and community, and aim to assist migrants and their families integrate into Thai society.

LPN was formed with the intention of resolving issues of labour discrimination and inequality, focusing specifically on Samut Sakhon province, which is a central base for migrant labourers in Thailand. In December 2004, LPN was officially registered as a foundation. This official classification helped LPN generate more support, enabling the organisation to expand its capacity to assist victims of human trafficking and better monitor the labour rights situation in Samut Sakhon.

Their strategy includes;

  • Targeting field research and operations towards the issues being faced by migrant workers, public infrastructure conflicts and improving policy
  • Providing advice to workers on any matter for which they require assistance
  • Increasing the number of state, private and local organizations involved in supporting migrant workers
  • Advocating on behalf of migrants to ensure basic rights including labour rights, the right to an education and access to social services
  • Facilitating the education and cooperation of labourers to improve their self-reliance

Significance for seafood businesses: 

Not seafood-specific, but do work in this sector. Useful for awareness as an organisation working to support the industry, and improve governance, safety and welfare within the global seafood industry.

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