IFFO RS Scheme

The Marine Ingredients Organisation (IFFO) Global Standard and Certification Programme for the Responsible Supply of Fishmeal and Fish Oil.

To demonstrate to all stakeholders the commitment to responsible practice in areas of feed safety, raw material procurement and delivery the Marine Ingredients Organisation (IFFO) has developed a Global Standard and Certification Programme for the Responsible Supply of Fishmeal and Fish Oil. Whole fish must come from fisheries scientifically assessed and meeting the key principles of the FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries; MSC certification is accepted as evidence of compliance; fish by-products must come from well managed stocks and not include IUU or IUCN red listed fish stocks; and fish and by-products from IUU are excluded.

Social – The applicant must have a documented policy that commits them to ensuring that their fishmeal and fish oil products are manufactured in compliance to all relevant employment, welfare and safety legislation. And the applicant must conduct a document annual self‐assessment against all relevant social laws. All non‐compliance must be documented, with action plans to address and monitor the non‐compliance.

IFFO RS Limited launched a new version of its standard for the responsible supply of marine ingredients – IFFO RS Version 2.0 and a new website in July 2017. The new IFFO RS Version 2.0 Standard upholds the values of Versions 1- 1.6 but introduces enhanced strategic objectives including promoting and creating improved social and welfare benefits (taking into account International Labour Organisation (ILO) conventions) for all workers employed within the marine ingredients producing factory. Section 5 covers social accountability and includes new altered clauses covering social welfare.

Significance for seafood businesses: 

A seafood-specific standard. Sourcing seafood that is accredited to a standard that has a social component provides reassurance that the seafood you are purchasing has been independently verified concerning social issues.

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