Catcher to counter campaign — Seafish

Catcher to counter campaign

International Transport Workers Federation (ITF)
This is a joint programme between the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) and the International Union of Food Workers (IUF).

The objective of the catcher to counter is to tackle the illegal fishing and lack of regulation rife in the sector today.

From catcher to counter addresses the fishing industry as whole. Their efforts helped to create Convention 188, which, for the first time, acknowledges the importance of employment contracts, working hours, rest times and safety standards in the fishing industry. Convention 188 has given union affiliates a set of principles to fight for in protecting fishers. It has established concrete standards as a starting point to further regulate the industry.

Significance for seafood businesses:

Specifically for fishers. Useful for awareness as an organisation working to support the industry, and improve governance, safety and welfare within the global seafood industry.

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