Assessment of Worker Welfare Issues — Seafish

Assessment of Worker Welfare Issues

We have published various research studies to assess risk and help seafood businesses respond to labour and worker welfare issues.

Social risk assessment information

There are many resources available to UK seafood businesses to help them assess social risks in their supply chain. These include data sources (which may or may not be readily available), as well as risk assessment schemes or tools. These are produced by government agencies, not-for-profit organisations and research bodies. They provide insight on the social risks to UK businesses of importing seafood and because there are so many, this can be confusing.

Our report provides an overview of each of these resources. It explains what the data is, how it has been used and what it tells us. For the risk assessment schemes and the tools it looks at how they have created, what they measure and the limitations. Access the report by following the link below. 

Country profiles

We import seafood from around the world and need to understand what social risks there are in these countries. We have produced 19 profiles showing the social risk landscape of the main countries who export to the UK. These profiles provide an overview of the key issues in these markets. They highlight potential risks and key factors that should be considered by businesses when sourcing product from those markets.

Each profile covers risks related to the production and processing of wild catch and aquaculture seafood products. They cover health and safety and working conditions. They also highlight the efforts being made to improve conditions, and regulations put in each region to address these issues.

Social risk profiles by country

Other reports

A literature review and an analytical report with strategic recommendations were produced in March 2015. Access the documents on the following links below.


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