Assessment of Worker Welfare Issues

We have published various research studies to help seafood businesses address issues relating to labour and worker welfare.

Social risk assessment information

This reference document provides an overview of the metrics and scoring methodologies of different open and closed sources of information (national and supranational government agencies, NGOs, private sector research and consulting houses etc.) that offer insight on the social risks posed to UK businesses by seafood trading partners in third countries. It details, in a user-friendly format, the underlying metrics and scoring methodologies and information that drives these schemes, how the risk metrics are derived, what they measure and the potential limitations. Please click on the Excel spreadsheet below.

Country profiles

To understand the social risk landscape of countries supplying into the UK seafood market, a series of profiles covering main supply regions are available. These profiles provide an overview of the key issues in these markets, the potential risks that exist and the factors that should be considered by businesses when sourcing product from those markets. There are currently 19 profiles. Each profile covers risks related to the production and processing of wild catch and aquaculture seafood products and covers issues such as health and safety and working conditions; and the mitigation efforts and regulatory frameworks put in place in each region to address these issues.

Social risk profiles by country

Strategic report

For reference the literature review and the analytical report with strategic recommendations produced in March 2015 can be downloaded below.


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