RFS Member Transition to RFVS

The next iteration of the RFS, the RFVS, has been published. Supporting current RFS members throughout the transition remains a top priority.

All current RFS certificates have been extended until 1 October 2020, where necessary. This will give members time to prepare for application to the Responsible Fishing Vessel Standard (RFVS). All members will need to continue to comply with the RFS requirements and the Terms and Conditions of membership until their certificate expires.

The Seafish Fleet Manager, Mick Bacon, will contact all RFS members to explain the changes that the RFVS will bring.

The RFVS is owned and operated by Global Seafood Assurances (GSA) and Lloyd’s Register continues to be the Certification Body. 

Further info

Find out more about the Transition to GSA


For more information on GSA and the RFVS contact rfvs@seafoodassurances.org.

For more information on the RFS Member Transition, contact

Mick Bacon 
RFS Fleet Manager, Seafish
E: michael.bacon@seafish.co.uk 
T: 01736 732 759