Trawl Door Spread

Alternative names

  • Door spread, trawl doors, Gear spread, trawl doors.

The distance between the trawl doors is an important piece of information for any trawler skipper to know at all times. From this the skipper will be able to estimate if his trawl gear is opening to its optimum for the fish species he is targeting. Many larger vessels have electronics  with acoustic sensors on the gear to display the door spread and other parameters in the wheel house. This information sheet gives details of how vessels without this  expensive equipment can estimate the distance between their trawl doors (door spread).

By using dimension in conjunction with other known gear parameters the skipper can estimate the opening for his net or nets (Wing End Spread ) and an estimation of the angle of his sweeps to the direction of travel (Sweep angle or Bridle Angle). 

An illustration of a trawl door spread showing the towing point on a trawler
An illustration of the towing point on a trawler