Gear Operation


This is where there is complete change of fishing gear or the way the fishing gear is operated to change the catch composition that then decreases the amount of fish that need to be discarded.

Things like changing gear from trawling for nephrops to targeting them using creels to minimise by-catch.

Size selectivity

By changing the fishing gear the fishermen may be able to target a particular species in a more environmentally way, with less by-catch and less seabed impact.

This may need to be only on a seasonal basis or in particular areas.

Other information

In fisheries with high levels of discarding, or seabed impact, the fishermen really have to ask them selves if they are using the best method to catch their target species in their particular fishery, is there some other method being used elsewhere that could reduce the discards or environmental impact of their current gear. 

Selection type

  • Pre-selection