Fish Stimulation


Fish stimulation being used as a selective device is still a relatively new concept. Stimulation is being trialled using a light, sound or electric pulses. So far there is some evidence that light does have an effect on fish behaviour. The Pulse trawl has shown that different species can be stimulated with different strengths and frequency of electric pulses.

Fish stimulation trial showing an LED light placed inside a diamond mesh net
A light placed inside a trawl as part of the fish stimulation trial

Size selectivity

At present not much is documented on this a s a selective device but it is expected that by using different sound frequencies, wave lengths and power of lights that eventually it should be possible to have some effect on fish behaviour.

One of the leaders in fish stimulation by lights is Dan Watson of Safety net technologies who has been trialling LED lights on fishing gear for several years.

Selection type

  • Pre-selection