Channel dredge scallop FIP

King scallop, Pecten maximus

Area: VII d,e

Gear: Dredge

About the fishery:

King scallops are found on clean firm sand and fine gravel and in currents, which provide good feeding conditions. They occur along the European Atlantic coast from northern Norway, south to the Iberian Peninsula. The bathymetric range of distribution is from the low tide mark to over 100 m, but it is most common in waters of 20-70 m.

No TAC is set in the Channel scallop fishery. Total landed weight of scallops in 2015 by the UK fleet in area VIId and VIIe was 8,976t. Of this 97% was landed by scallop dredge (2% beam trawl and 1% others). Landings from VIId and VIIe were also dominated by English registered vessels (62%) although Scottish registered vessels also landed significant quantities (36%). Finally, of the catches from dredge fisheries almost all (95%) was by vessels over 10m LOA registered length.