North Atlantic Pelagic Advocacy Group

The North Atlantic Pelagic Advocacy (NAPA) Group is a new market-led approach to improve North Atlantic pelagic fisheries management.

NAPA was formed in response to the continuing dispute over mackerel quota allocation in the North East Atlantic. This dispute is resulting in annual catches well in excess of the advised catches.  NAPA aims to secure an agreement on total allowable catches for these fisheries in line with scientific advice, and for a long-term science-based management agreement.

NAPA partners are retailers, food service companies and suppliers. The group will use its collective commercial leverage to advocate for coastal states to commit to, and establish fisheries management strategies and to agree sustainable quota shares for these shared pelagic stocks.

As a first step NAPA members have agreed an action plan. This includes the creation of a Fisheries Improvement Project for these fisheries. It also includes a comprehensive engagement strategy with key decision-makers in 2020 for herring and blue whiting as priority actions.


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