Aquaculture Species Profiles Web Tool

Aquatic food production has transformed from being primarily based on capture of wild fish to culture of over 500 farmed species globally.

Aquaculture is a global industry, and now provides half of all our seafood. In comparison to farming land animals like cows and pigs, aquaculture is one of the most resource-efficient and least environmentally impactful ways to produce protein for us to eat.

As with other types of farming, aquaculture is reliant upon the environment, so it needs to help look after it. The more responsible and sustainable aquaculture becomes, the more it will be able to provide great seafood for people across the world to eat, and for generations to come. Open a Key Information' drop box below to find out more.

Often the primary source of many aquatic animals destined for UK dinner plates, such as Atlantic salmon, sea bass, or warm water prawns, is from aquaculture. The individual Aquaculture Profiles offer valuable information on the farmed seafood most important to the UK market.