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Seafish are represented by our Ambassadors at a number of regional food and drink events, helping to promote the great seafood choices that can be made by consumers. Our Seafish Ambassadors are a group of experts in their respective fields, from fish filleting to creative cookery. Experienced in working with seafood and keen to provide information and help to those looking to make more seafood choices in their diets.

Ben Bartlett

We know that seafood is the way forward, with fish and seafood producers in the UK offering fish and seafood choices and a variety of flavour for a wide range of tastes and culinary skill levels. Our seafood ambassadors work closely with Seafish to provide insight and expertise and help develop recipes, educational material and more to support our presence at food festivals and regional events. 

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  • Professional Chef
  • Author
  • Lecturer
  • Consultant & Food Judge

Ben Bartlett is president of the British BBQ Association and competes across the globe. As one of the UK’s foremost chefs, he was awarded the title of Britain’s Best BBQ’er and is Master Craftsman of the Craft Guild of Chefs. Ben currently heads up the culinary judging panel of the UK Young Seafood Chef of the Year and also judges as part of the National Fish and Chip Awards. Involved in a variety of Seafish campaigns, Ben is adept in promoting seafood consumption through live cookery demonstrations and educational projects.

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