Sea For Yourself marketing campaign

We partnered with Defra on a consumer marketing campaign called Sea For Yourself to get people eating more seafood caught in UK waters.

Campaign focus

Sea For Yourself targeted families and those aged over 55 via print publications, social media and radio. 

The campaign initially focused on promoting selected UK fish and shellfish species. This included mussels, oysters, crab, lobster, mackerel, herring, hake, coley, monkfish and lemon sole. The focus of the campaign was extended to promote a wider variety of fish and shellfish caught and cultivated in UK waters.

The campaign ended in July 2020.

Campaign background

We began working with Defra late last year to plan a UK species campaign. This became Sea For Yourself and it launched in March 2020, just as the Covid-19 pandemic started to significantly impact UK businesses and consumers. 

In light of the situation this created, we worked with Defra to evolve and enhance the campaign. Our goal was to highlight the healthy and great tasting seafood caught and landed in the UK. We also wanted to offer guidance and support on buying, cooking and eating local seafood to help increase consumer confidence around more unfamiliar species.

Reach and engagement to date

So far the campaign has reached 21.2 million UK consumers via print and broadcast media channels and 14.3 million UK consumers via social media activity. The Sea For Yourself section on the Fish is the Dish website has received over 235,000 page views. 

Celebrity ambassadors are also helping to spread the word about our fantastic UK-caught fish and shellfish. Ex-Olympian Denise Lewis OBE, award-winning restaurant owner and chef Adam Byatt, and Instagram food and farming influencer Julius Roberts are all Sea For Yourself ambassadors.