Love Seafood strategy and objectives

Find out more about the background, plans and goals for our new consumer brand, Love Seafood.

What is Love Seafood?

Launched in October 2020, Love Seafood is an ambitious long-term consumer initiative. It aims to reframe the nation’s view of seafood and encourage consumers in the UK to eat more fish and shellfish over the next 20 years. Love Seafood replaces our previous consumer platform Fish is the Dish.

Love Seafood will:

  • Help consumers across the UK reconnect with an enjoyment of seafood by promoting choice, convenience, and balanced living.
  • Cover both in-home consumption via retail purchases and out-of-home consumption, including dining at cafes and restaurants or enjoying fish and chips to takeaway.
  • Bring together seafood champions to inform and inspire the nation.
  • Provide seafood businesses with tools to help communicate directly with consumers.

Working with the seafood industry

The Love Seafood brand is owned by Seafish, but it has been developed in partnership with the seafood industry in the UK.

We understand that our seafood industry is diverse, so we’re looking to unite everyone behind a single cause – collectively inspiring the nation to fall in love with seafood. Love Seafood will bring together a community of seafood champions and it will be powered by the businesses it represents.

The direction of the Love Seafood brand is informed by our Love Seafood Group. This is made up of representatives from across all seafood sectors, covering catch to plate and including small, medium and large businesses.

The group meets on a regular basis to offer guidance and help steer Love Seafood plans and activities. Membership of the group is currently full, but get in touch with our Love Seafood team if you’d like to find out more or get involved in future.

Seafood champions

Seafood champions are those that catch, supply, serve and celebrate seafood. They’re our gateway to reaching and engaging with our target consumers. They will include:

  • Retailers – grocery retailers, independents and direct sales; showcasing the channels that can bring delicious seafood to the homes of the nation, regionally and nationally.
  • Partnerships – familiar and trusted household brands, celebrity and influencers.
  • Foodservice – chefs, fish and chip shops, takeaways and quick-service restaurants.
  • Production and processors – those local to target hotspots who can share relatable stories.

We are planning to roll out further activity and recruitment for seafood champions towards the end of 2020 – further details will be available on this shortly.

Target audiences

Love Seafood is focused on two specific audiences representing buying power, penetration and influence across the next five years and beyond. These are:

  • Millennials - those born between 1981 and 1996
  • Baby Boomers - those born between 1946 and 1964

We used data from Experian and YouGov to create a sub-set of audience segments grouped by life stage within these categories. Following direction from our Love Seafood Group, we will focus on reaching the following three audience segments initially.

Audience segment



Starting out


Millennials that lead busy lives and are starting to settle down and start a family.


  • Aged between 26 and 35
  • They make up 9% of all UK households
  • Mid-affluence
  • Most likely buying their first homes

Mid-market families


Middle-aged average affluence families that are time pressured and interested in convenience above the environment or luxury.

  • Aged between 56-65
  • Make up 19% of all UK households (indexing highly in Wales and north of Scotland)
  • Mid-affluence
  • Most likely living in owned homes

Stretched families

Young families with low income looking for affordable food and the occasional takeaway. Highly influenced by celebrities.

  • Aged between 26-35
  • Make up 23% of all UK households (high indexing in NE, NW & Yorkshire)
  • Low-affluence
  • Most likely living in rented or social housing

Communicating with consumers

In our first year of activity, we’re taking an agile approach to planning, managing and evaluating communications. This will run across three strands from October 2020 – March 2021:

  • Always on drum beat – launching Love Seafood with core activity relating to fish and shellfish offering value for money.
  • Campaign spikes – maximising partnerships to reach our target audience groups by teaming up with influencers, celebrities and brands.
  • Reactive activity – responding to the evolving circumstances with activity relating to changes, such as ‘easy swaps’ if supply of a species decreases.

The Year One channel strategy for Love Seafood will be integrated with a focus on the channels identified as relevant to our target audience groups. This will be largely digitally-driven but there will also be some activity across the following channels:

  • Advertising - in-store, in-app and web
  • Direct marketing - press supplements and direct mail
  • Experiential - virtual or bricks and mortar events

Strategic objectives for Love Seafood

Love Seafood will support our corporate goal of increasing seafood consumption across the UK.

Our strategy positions Love Seafood as a platform for ‘warming up’ consumers when it comes to seafood. We avoid tracking our activity directly against seafood purchase, and instead exist to create demand for seafood business across the UK to support their sales. This means our objectives focus on measuring attitudes, perceptions and behaviours towards seafood, in our target audience groups.

The core and long-term measure of success for Love Seafood will include:

  • Driving awareness of the Love Seafood brand and all associated activity.
  • Driving consumer understanding of key ‘reasons to buy’.
  • Driving consumer consideration and desire to eat more seafood more often.

Plans for Year One activity

The strategy for Love Seafood launch and Year One activity (up to March 2021) is framed around meeting the changing needs of the consumer from Covid-19 impact. This includes:

  • A centralised theme – ‘bringing comfort to consumers through seafood consumption’.
  • A creative proposition – ‘Feel Good Food’.
  • A vehicle to consumer engagement – through seafood champions.
  • Activity spread across our four designated workstreams – Brand, Seasonal, Fish & Chips and Positive Industry.

Initially Love Seafood Year One activity will have a strong focus on communication to consumers. From the beginning of 2021 we're also going to bring in some direct support for three trade sectors:

  • Independent retailers
  • Independent restaurants
  • The fish and chip sector

Direct support to other sectors of the seafood industry will follow as we move into Year Two, from April 2021.

‘Feel Good Food’ creative concept

Our Year One creative concept ‘Feel Good Food’ is all about how seafood makes us feel. From the nostalgic taste of fish and chips, to getting the family together over a delicious fish pie, seafood warms the heart and feeds the soul. What's more, with seafood, everyone's welcome. Whether you're shopping on a budget or need to make tasty meals in minutes, seafood is your go-to for those everyday little wins.

Feel Good Food is driven by our communication pillars, to connect consumers with comfort through:

  • Choice – seafood has options for a variety of price points, occasions and formats.
  • Convenience – it provides simple and easy meal solutions which are accessible and attainable.
  • Balanced Living – it is high in protein and low in fat, offering guilt-free enjoyment!

Selecting species for promotion

We often get asked how we select species to promote in our campaigns. Another common question is what we can do encourage consumers in the UK to eat more fish and shellfish caught in local waters.

UK consumers typically consume five key species – prawns, cod, salmon, tuna, haddock – and a lot of the seafood we eat in the UK is imported. Love Seafood has been set up to work for businesses across the seafood supply chain. This reflects our remit as the public body that supports the whole of the UK seafood industry.

To support our goal of increasing seafood consumption, we need to strike a balance when developing content around specific species. This involves both engaging consumers with species they are already comfortable with and encouraging them to try something new. Thinking about sustainability is also an important part of this.

Going forward we will plan and deliver campaigns to pick up on these different elements. Activity will range from seasonal campaigns to raise awareness of the fantastic fish and shellfish available locally, to sharing new ideas for familiar favourites and promoting the nation’s favourite takeaway – fish and chips.

Why should you get involved?

Getting involved in Love Seafood doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. We want to support seafood businesses of all sizes.

As part of the Love Seafood community, you can access a wide variety of Love Seafood branded assets and handy tools, helping you promote your company and products to customers. We’ll also share advice on how best to use Love Seafood content in your own marketing efforts and you’ll benefit from our year-round, nationwide marketing campaigns. This is an opportunity to be part of something that will generate consumer interest and positive media coverage.

Love Seafood webinar

To find out more, watch a webinar recording from a session introducing our new brand to seafood businesses. This was recorded on 27 August 2020.

Get in touch

We’ve created an online form to allow businesses to sign up to receive information about Love Seafood:

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