Tips and Advice

Hundreds of fish and chip fans told us they love fish and chips because it is tasty and convenient, but they also want more choice and information.

Offer more portion sizes

A third of fish and chip consumers say they would be more likely to eat fish and chips more frequently if there was a greater selection of portion sizes available. That’s more than 17 million people across Great Britain who would eat fish and chips more often. Offering more portion sizes can improve quality control, gives the customer greater choice, can attract new customers and reduces waste. This represents a fantastic opportunity to drive more people towards your business – all by simply offering more choice.

  • 44% of fish and chip consumers who think their chip portion is too large end up throwing some of their chips away, while 21% of those who think their fish portion is too large throw away some fish. That’s more than four million people who are throwing away part of every fish and chip meal they eat.
  • 45% of fish and chip consumers – that’s almost half of your customers – said they would order a smaller portion of chips to help cut down on calories they are consuming, but keep their normal choice and size of fish. That’s almost 23.5 million people who are concerned about their calorie intake but still want to eat chips. Again, choice is clearly important to customers – especially those who are more health conscious.
  • Display nutritional data: Our study revealed that customers would like to see simple nutritional information about fish and chips more readily displayed.
  • Use best practice cooking methods: Almost three out of every four people (72%) we spoke to said they would like their fish and chips to be cooked in a way that lowered the saturated fat content of the finished dish. That’s almost 37.5 million people who fish and chip businesses could appeal to if they introduced different cooking methods.
  • 15% of customers have said their portion size is ideal because they share their chips with others. That means that, as an average, each fish and chip business is selling £17,142.86 of shared portions each year. This could be a missed opportunity. Rather than sell one big serving, there’s a chance here to sell two smaller portions.