Seafood Horizons podcasts

We've created a series of podcasts to explore the emerging developments and changes that could have a profound impact on the seafood industry.

Each episode explores topics covered by our special reviews. We've brought together people from within and outside the industry to challenge the notion of business as usual.

Episode one - Can seafood feed the world?

Can seafood feed the world podcast image   Listen to 'Can seafood feed the world?'podcast on Spreaker

In our first podcast we’re looking at how the seafood supply base is changing to meet the needs of a growing population, taking inspiration from our recent report investigating the UK seafood supply base to 2030. The UK has an open and diverse seafood economy worth £10 billion and its supply chain draws on both farmed seafood and wild caught seafood from around the world. 

Hosted by Angus Garrett. Contributors: Mike Berthet - Aquasea Limited, Dave Little - Institute of Aquaculture at Stirling University, Alex Olsen - Espersen, Huw Thomas - Offshore Shellfish

Episode two - Seafood: more than just the food on your plate?

Seafood: more than just the food on your plate?   Listen to 'Seafood:more than just the food on your plate' podcast on Spreaker

This podcast explores how looking at things through an ecosystem lens is changing traditional view of seafood and the marine environment. It links to our recent publication which explores how the UK seafood industry draws on and contributes to ecosystem services and the goods and benefits to society that arise from these interactions.

Hosted by Angus Garrett. Contributors: Tavis Potts - Director of the Green Economy Research Centre at the University of Aberdeen, James Wilson of Deepdock Mussels in North Wales, Professor Aad Smaal of Wageningen University