A demonstration of "Outrigger Trawling" in the SW of England on MFV Admiral Gordon

The aim of the project was to demonstrate an alternative fishing method commonly known as Outrigger trawling. This involved replacing the heavy beam trawls which are normally towed by the vessel with two demersal trawls, each trawl spread with its own set of trawl doors and towed from the derricks. This change alone will have a significant impact on bottom and gear drag. The steady increase in fuel prices was another driver for the fleet to look at alternatives to beam trawling. By adopting the outrigger fishing method vessels can reduce their fuel consumption enabling increased profitability and a reduction in environmental impact.
  • Michael Humphrey,
  • Richard Caslake,
  • Michael Montgomerie
Publication Reference No.
Publication date
01 February 2008
  • Technical Report


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