Follow six steps to social responsiblity

If we start with the premise that there is no place in any supply chain, regardless of the origin of the product, for employment practices that negatively impact on an individual’s human rights then seafood businesses need a process to tackle social responsibility in a systematic way, and one which will allow them to take steps to lower the risks of buying seafood associated with any sort of human rights abuse.

With the myriad of guidance notes, reporting templates and resources available the questions is – where do you start?

Start with TESS. TESS has brought all of these resources together, in one place, to signpost seafood businesses to external websites and sources of information that can help to manage supply chains and inform decision making. If a risk is identified in a supply chain as part of this process use one of the tools or approaches highlighted in TESS to help support your decision making.

The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights are viewed as the authoritative global reference on business and human rights. They provide a strategic framework for businesses to use in order to tackle modern slavery in their supply chains.

Stronger Together has built on the UN Guiding principles and developed a toolkit which provides a robust six-step approach to guide businesses through a process which will help them address social responsibility challenges in seafood supply chains.

TESS has adopted this Stronger Together six-step approach, which is effectively a straightforward business improvement cycle. Taken on a step by step basis TESS has brought together the many and varied resources that are available to support seafood industry businesses and aligned them to a step in this cycle.

The Six Steps

STEP 1- COMMIT. Make a public commitment to respect human rights +

STEP 2- ASSESS. Understand modern slavery risks in your supply chain +

STEP 3- IMPLEMENT. Collaborate and take action to deal with identified risks +

STEP 4 - REMEDY. Provide a solution for victims of slavery +

STEP 5 - MONITOR. Support/guidance to help monitor progress in tackling social responsibility issues +

STEP 6 - COMMUNICATE. Tell people what you've done +

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